IEEPO 2022 'Action for Change: Transforming Healthcare Together' event


IEEPO 'Action for Change' event in numbers graphic

It’s time to act now, act locally, act together!

IEEPO's first virtual event of 2022 was held on Monday 21st – Wednesday 23rd March. Continuing with the theme of ‘Transforming Healthcare Together' and addressing the calls to action of the IEEPO Position Paper, Humanising‌ ‌Healthcare:‌ ‌a‌ ‌call‌ ‌for‌ transformational‌ ‌change‌, this event aimed to facilitate multi-stakeholder experience exchange, future-gazing healthcare trends and facilitate international best practice sharing to support the IEEPO patient community to action change and drive a shift in healthcare systems locally towards Humanised Healthcare.

Across the three days, we saw:

  • Internationally renowned experts in patient advocacy, health equity and health policy come together to inspire the IEEPO community and share insights into how they can help build more sustainable, patient-focused and resilient healthcare systems. 
  • The launch of phase one of the IEEPO Position Paper Toolkit. A tool to equip champions for Humanising Healthcare to use the IEEPO Position Paper in local settings. 
  • Inspiring Action Workshops that inspired advocates to ACTION.

Want to learn more? To learn more/watch recordings from each session click one of the boxes below or visit the LEARN Library.

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