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Patient experience exchange forum

In the Patient Experience Exchange Forum talks, patient advocates Maja Erceg Tušek from EVERYTHING for HER, Croatia and Shelley Weir, The Hope Foundation, Barbados both shared local case studies and practical tips and advice on how to action change locally.  
Maja Erceg Tušek - Mom, be healthy
KEY TAKEAWAY: The ‘Mom, be healthy’ campaign shows that by educating children and improving their health literacy they can have a positive impact and become active participants in improving the health of their families. It is an excellent example of how schools can be involved in health education and partner with patient organisations to build health literacy – something which is a key focus of the IEEPO Position Paper on Humanising Healthcare. 

“Children can really have a positive impact on parents and encourage more responsible behaviour” Maja Erceg Tušek

You can view the Mom, be healthy poster on IEEPO’s poster gallery to learn more about the project. 

Maja and Bastian
Shelley Weir - The Hope Foundation
KEY TAKEAWAY: By providing patients with simple tools (in this case automated blood pressure monitoring machines, urine dipsticks and digital thermometers) and access to their health data you can empower them to take control of their own health and improve health outcomes. The project is a fantastic example of how digital tools can be used to streamline healthcare, resulting in freeing up time and resources for compassionate care – a subject that is mentioned throughout the IEEPO Position Paper.

“We are achieving what we set out to do, clinically the nephrologist has confirmed that through monitoring, treatments and medications have been adjusted. This has resulted in early diagnosis of Lupus and the need for dialysis has been reduced and there has also been a decline in hospitalizations” - Shelley Weir

You can view the Lupus Essential Kit Home Programme poster on IEEPO’s poster gallery to learn more about the project.

Shelley and Bastian
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