Event Welcome

IEEPO 2022 'Action for Change: Transforming Healthcare Together' event

The event was opened by Bastian Hauck, IEEPO Moderator and Founder of #dedoc° from Germany who reiterated the ‘Action for Change’ theme of the event and the role of patient organisations in driving change. 

Raquel Peck, IEEPO Programme Chair, Ex-CEO World Hepatitis Alliance & Founder of Clarion I from the UK talked about how, following publication of the IEEPO Position Paper, action is needed to help create lasting change in order to build healthcare systems around the needs of patients and their communities and humanise healthcare. She also highlighted availability of the new IEEPO Position Paper Toolkit

Teresa Graham, Roche's Pharma Strategy Leadership Team Member from Switzerland wrapped up the introduction by reinforcing the importance of collaboration between industry and patients and highlighted Roche’s ongoing commitment to humanising healthcare.  

Post-event resources:
Download the IEEPO Position Paper to delve deeper into humanising healthcare!
Utilise the IEEPO Position Paper toolkit and translations to equip yourself to humanise healthcare locally!
Visit the IEEPO LEARN Library to find all the post-event resources you need to action change! 

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