Personalised Healthcare Toolkit for the Patient Community

New condition-specific materials available now!

Equipping you to increase understanding of personalised healthcare and its potential within your community

The co-created toolkit includes a suite of educational resources on the topic of personalised healthcare and its benefits for people and communities affected by health conditions. It is readily available now for adaptation under Creative Commons licensing so that you can select and adapt the appropriate slides, imagery or facts that are most relevant to you and your audience’s needs. Guidance for adapting materials under the Creative Commons license can be found here.

For example, you may find yourself using the whole core slide deck to brief members of your organisation, or just individual images from the infographic to explain key points to your community. Accessible versions are also available for some materials.

The below diagram explains what the different materials can be used for:

Pyramid with layers for 1) Personalised healthcare information for all individuals affected by health conditions  2) Personalised healthcare education for all communities 3) Condition-specific personalised healthcare information and education for communities 4) Personalised healthcare playbook for all health advocates 5) Personalised Healthcare Hub
What is personalised healthcare and what does it mean for me? Infographic, FAQs, Glossary
What is personalised healthcare and why is it important for the community? Core slide deck, Factsheet
Condition-specific materials (cancer care and eye care) adapted in collaboration with communities 
Playbook of helpful resources, including guidance, tools and best practice examples for advocating for personalised healthcare 
The above resources can be found online on the Hub
You can also find guidance here on using and sharing the Personalised Healthcare Hub and Toolkit for the Patient Community to increase understanding of personalised healthcare and its potential to benefit people affected by health conditions.

Personalised healthcare materials for individuals affected by health conditions 

An infographic introducing personalised healthcare and the value it can bring to people affected by conditions
Accessible versions
Editable version
Answers to questions that people affected by conditions might have about personalised healthcare and what it means for them
Editable version
A bank of definitions for medical jargon and terms often associated with personalised healthcare 
Editable version

Personalised healthcare educational materials for communities

An editable presentation introducing what personalised healthcare is, who it’s for, its value to people affected by conditions, and potential to improve outcomes and care
Accessible versions
Editable version
A factsheet explaining how personalised healthcare can impact people affected by conditions, and improve outcomes and care for individuals and society
Editable version
A factsheet to explaining health data and how it can benefit the patient community, addressing potential concerns or issues surrounding health data sharing

Personalised Healthcare Playbook for Health Advocates

A downloadable version of the Personalised Healthcare Hub resources intended to help health advocates and people affected by health conditions identify action areas and find resources to support improving understanding of, and access to, personalised healthcare options in their communities.
Editable version

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This Personalised Healthcare Hub was originally co-created by Roche and its Global Personalised Healthcare Patient Council and the Personalised Healthcare Literacy Squad in June 2021. Please note all materials are the intellectual property of the authors, unless stated to be under Creative Commons license. Guidance for adapting materials under the Creative Commons license can be found here. M-XX-00005824 | Roche Privacy Policy | Roche Legal Statement

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