Building resilient healthcare systems together

Keynote speech

Our two fantastic keynote speakers, Dr Sawsan Al Madhi, Director General at Friends Of Cancer Patients and Dr Henry Mwanyika, Africa Regional Director at PATH, shared their experience and practical examples on how patients become strong and equal partners through advocating for greater involvement in health systems decision-making. 
Dr Sawsan Al Madhi, Director General at Friends Of Cancer Patients

KEY TAKEAWAY: Patient groups should start referring to themselves as ‘patient organisations’ to shift the narrative. This will elevate their status and refine their image. With a clear strategy, vision and mission they can become equal partners in the healthcare ecosystem and confidently represent themselves to policymakers and other important stakeholders.  

“We need to move from patient-centric to value-based – how can we create healthcare systems that bring value to patients. As patient organisations we should not wait for policy makers to define the value, we should advocate and be vocal about the value we need” - Dr Sawsan Al Madhi 

Dr. Sawsan Al Madhi - Director General, Friends Of Cancer Patients
Dr Henry Mwanyika, Africa Regional Director at PATH

KEY TAKEAWAY: Digital technologies can support the delivery of healthcare interventions that are tailored to the specific needs of communities. However, it is essential to ensure that patients and communities are consulted to determine the health challenges they face before working together in partnership to create the most effective solutions that ensure they have access to the healthcare interventions they need. 

“It is important to work with countries to build trust in digital health technologies and to understand the individual needs of patients and communities so we can facilitate unique sustainable approaches for healthcare solutions” Dr. Henry Mwanyika


Dr. Henry Mwanyika - Regional Director, Africa Digital Health, PATH
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