IEEPO Position Paper Toolkit

About the IEEPO Position Paper Toolkit

This Position Paper toolkit is currently available in English but will be available in other languages throughout the year. The toolkit will be consistently updated to provide additional content aligned with agreed IEEPO activities and events that support the Position Paper.

The IEEPO Position Paper toolkit aims to equip champions for Humanising Healthcare, across the world. The toolkit contains tools and customisable support materials to make the IEEPO Position Paper on Humanising Healthcare digestible and usable in local settings.

The IEEPO position paper toolkit aims to:

  • Support understanding of the Internal Exchange Experience with Patient Organisations (IEEPO) 2021 Position Paper, Humanising Healthcare: A Call for Transformational Change.

  • Aid in stakeholders' engagement about the IEEPO Position Paper and its contents.

Disclaimer: You may share (copy and redistribute) and adapt (remix, transform, and build upon) the contents of this toolkit. However, you must give appropriate credit to Roche and its co-creation partners (its IEEPO Ext. Advisory committee 2022), a licence notice, and a link to the original material as co-created in January 2022. If you build upon this material, you must distribute your version under the same licence as the original (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0).
If you have any queries or questions about the IEEPO Position Paper or toolkit please contact the IEEPO team (

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