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Welcome to the International Experience Exchange with Patient Organisations

#IEEPO 2021 Uniting for Change: Transforming healthcare together.

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IEEPO 2021: Kick-Off Event Report

IEEPO 2021 kicked off with a two-day virtual webinar calling for the patient community and stakeholders to ‘unite for change and transform healthcare together’. Click below to read about the event's activities.

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The International Experience Exchange with Patient Organisations

Welcome to the International Experience Exchange with Patient Organisations!

The International Experience Exchange with Patient Organisations (IEEPO) today is a global platform of engagement for the patient community and other healthcare stakeholders, to co-create and collaborate, and to be strong partners with an equal voice in the dialogue to transform the future of healthcare together. 

IEEPO is a truly patient-led event. It offers a unique opportunity to come together as a community to exchange experiences, find inspiration, and leave with practical, meaningful and actionable ideas to improve the lives of patients and their families. These ideas feed through into an ongoing dialogue amongst the patient community, working to address joint challenges and opportunities and tangibly defining the future of healthcare together.

IEEPO is sponsored by Roche and organised in partnership with global leaders in patient advocacy.


IEEPO 2021

IEEPO has evolved from being a once-a-year event to becoming a continuous series of connections, tools and resources to inspire the patient community across the world and provide ongoing learning opportunities.  

The theme for this year's IEEPO is: "Uniting for Change: Transforming healthcare together."


We're excited to present to you IEEPO 2021!!

Kick-off Event Report

This year’s programme kicked off with a two-day event, 22-23 March to bring to the community a combination of thought-leadership through the voices of leading experts, an opportunity to meet and engage with the CEO of Roche. Followed by a series of regional breakouts (23-24 March) that discussed, debated, and reflected on the issues that affect the patient community most in the current environment.

IEEPO 2021: Poster Submission is Open!

If you are a patient group representative and would like to submit a poster to our annual poster gallery, visit the poster submissions page to learn more and share your experiences.

IEEPO 2021: Domain Overview

IEEPO 2021 will be organised around four key domains of engagement: THINK, LEARN, CHANGE and MAKE. Each domain has a unique focus and provides an opportunity for continued dialogue, co-creation and transformative collaboration.

IEEPO 2021: External Advisory Committee

IEEPO is led by an independent programme Chair and has been co-created with an External Advisory Committee (EAC) comprised of leading patient advocates and community leaders representing a range of disease areas.