IEEPO In Conversation and Live Q&A with Severin Schwan

Day two of the IEEPO 2022 ‘Action for Change’ Event focused on a conversation with Roche CEO, Severin Schwan. This was split into an ‘In Conversation with Severin Schwan’ session led by Raquel Peck, followed by a live Q&A session where Severin responded to questions submitted by the audience. 

KEY TAKEAWAY: While industry needs to continue to provide medicines to treat patients, it is important now that it goes beyond this to offer sustainable, holistic support. Industry needs to educate patients and support disease prevention strategies - this aligns with the IEEPO Position Paper on Humanising Healthcare, in which health literacy is a key topic. Industry also needs to help ensure there are healthcare infrastructures in place to be able to deliver the medicines that are needed, while also considering affordability and thinking of more creative approaches to develop pricing according to purchasing power. 

“I have studied the IEEPO Position Paper on Humanising Healthcare, and I think what you have come up with is highly relevant from a patient perspective and I will encourage all my fellow CEOs to read this paper” - Severin Schwan

Morning Session 
Afternoon Session 
Post-event resources:
Download the IEEPO Position Paper to delve deeper into humanising healthcare!
Utilise the IEEPO Position Paper toolkit and translations to equip yourself to humanise healthcare locally!
Visit the IEEPO LEARN Library to find all the post-event resources you need to action change! 

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