Creating lasting change ‘together’

Multi-stakeholder exchange forum

With a panel representing patient organisation leaders from different geographies and specialities, our Multi-stakeholder Exchange Forum discussed the importance of multi-stakeholder partnerships to create change within the healthcare ecosystem. The session provided an opportunity for an exchange of experiences and understanding around the types of obstacles that need to be overcome as well as practical ideas and examples of how to tackle challenges that create barriers to creating change. 

KEY TAKEAWAY: Collaboration is crucial in order to bring about change within the healthcare system. It is essential for patient organisations to partner with a diverse range of stakeholders such as healthcare providers, policymakers and industry so they work together to help provide patients with access to more Humanised Healthcare systems. Transforming data into useful information that can be shared to help drive policy change and empower patients is also fundamental to supporting sustainable change. 

“The value of health systems must be something that patients value, that benefits the patients... When we think about building resilient and sustainable healthcare systems, we must partner with health providers, policymakers, private sectors and civil organisations but people must be at the centre.” - Lolem Ngong Chief of Staff, Amref Health Africa, Kenya

"Inaction doesn't move anyone anywhere, I would rather be working on policies that move the needle even slowly” - Kelly du Plessis, CEO at Rare Diseases South Africa, South Africa

“If you do not focus on the outcomes from the patient perspective you will have nothing because what you cannot measure, does not exist” - Dr Ricardo Baptista-Leite, Member of the Portuguese National Parliament, Portugal 

“Every person is a patient, and every patient is a person” - Teresa Graham, Roche's Pharma Strategy Leadership Team Member from Switzerland

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Post-event resources:
Download the IEEPO Position Paper to delve deeper into humanising healthcare!
Visit the IEEPO LEARN Library to find all the post-event resources you need to action change! 

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