IEEPO 2023 'Uniting in Action: Humanising Healthcare in Practice' event


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It’s time to unite, take action and Humanise Healthcare together!

This year’s International Experience Exchange with Patient Organisations’ (IEEPO) event was held on Wednesday 15th – Thursday 16th March 2023 and marked 15 years of IEEPO. Titled Uniting in Action: Humanising Healthcare in Practice the event showcased actionable steps towards Humanising Healthcare and driving equitable access for healthcare innovations. 

Reflecting the shift in focus to action, the event tackled three core themes from the IEEPO Position Paper: 

  • Putting people at the heart of healthcare

  • Prioritising diversity, equity and inclusion

  • Power of patient data and healthcare digitalisation

The event provided a platform for the global patient community to exchange learnings and opportunities, hearing actionable case studies for creating positive action on the ground.

Across the two days we saw internationally renowned experts in patient advocacy, health equity and health policy come together to inspire the IEEPO community and share insights into how they can evolve multi-stakeholder relationships for greater collaboration and engage in discussions for Humanising Healthcare at a local level and beyond.


  1. Healthcare should be developed with patients, not for patients: There needs to be optimum alignment and synergy of the interests, rights, and resource capacities between all healthcare stakeholders to ensure a truly inclusive, equitable, holistic and human-centred approach to universal healthcare. To be most effective, partnerships need to be based on shared responsibility, mutual accountability, and empowerment. There also exists a real need for better policy instruments to help engage patients in policy making to co-create healthcare policies that meet current needs. Putting patients at the heart of healthcare and involving patients in a diverse and inclusive way is the backbone of humanising healthcare.
  2. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion: To drive inclusivity and help ensure everyone has the same level of optimised personal care, there is a need for stakeholders to work together to provide a service that engages with all communities.
  3. Data & Digital: Patients are a source of valuable insights and data, however, data ownership and data privacy are essential and patients need to be educated to understand their data is their property. If used wisely, data and digitalisation of health can help to promote diversity, equity and inclusion and reduce health inequalities. Furthermore, interactions with policymakers need to be driven by data and insights, and that solutions are brought to the table with a long-term view.  As Dr Sawsan so eloquently put it, “we’re not spending, we’re investing”. 
  4. Collaboration is key: Building strong and collaborative multi-stakeholder partnerships is a priority for working with policymakers to drive holistic, inclusive and Humanised Healthcare. 
  5. Patient involvement is vital: The early and equal involvement of the patient community is absolutely vital. It is important to have a truly integrated approach, working together to ensure that the patient voice is not only heard but forms an integral part of healthcare decision-making.
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