IEEPO in its 15th year

Following an introduction from Nicola Bedlington, IEEPO Moderator and former Secretary General of European Patients’ Forum (EPF), day two started with Mary Baker, former President of the European Brain Council, Past President of the European Federation of Neurological Associations, Consultant to the World Health Organization from the United Kingdom and Mayra Galindo Leal, Asociacion Mexicana de Lucha contra el Cancer from Mexico reflecting on the past 15 years of IEEPO, discussing what the organisation set out to achieve and the journey so far.

IEEPO really is one of the best things I have ever been involved with – we really are instigating change and supporting the rebuilding of healthcare systems around the needs of patients and their communities. We had no idea we would learn so much from each other and still have so much more to learn. Here’s to the next 15 years and beyond!”  – Mary Baker

Because of IEEPO I know almost every organisation in Latin America. It has helped us generate regional groups and movements, taking our learnings from the network and using them to deliver impact on the ground. I see this happening all around the world and across many different disease areas. I always say to make change you have to knock on a lot of doors – IEEPO supports this and importantly, it helps to open those doors.” – Mayra Galindo Leal

15 years of IEEPO

Post-event resources:

Explore the IEEPO Position Paper infographic to delve deeper into the calls to action for Humanising Healthcare!
Utilise the IEEPO Position Paper toolkit and translations to equip yourself to humanise healthcare locally!
Exchange experiences by submitting a best practice poster or resource for the IEEPO LEARN Library or PHC hub!

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