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IEEPO 2023 'Uniting in Action: Humanising Healthcare in Practice' event

The event was opened by Nicola Bedlington, IEEPO Moderator and former Secretary General of the European Patients’ Forum from Austria who reiterated the theme of the event, of looking at actionable steps the patient community can take towards Humanising Healthcare and how to drive equitable access to innovation in all its form.
Raquel Peck, IEEPO 2023 Programme Chair, Former CEO World Hepatitis Alliance from the UK reminded us of the availability of the IEEPO Position Paper, along with the toolkit and other materials within the LEARN Library on IEEPO.com. She also highlighted the need for a new approach to Humanising Healthcare and the importance of building healthcare around the needs of patients and their communities.

We need to maximise opportunities, to be inclusive, to be compassionate, and we believe Humanising Healthcare is key.” - Raquel Peck
Teresa Graham, CEO of Roche Pharmaceuticals wrapped up the introductions,expressing the hope that by working and uniting together, this year’s event will be another important step forward in bringing a more Humanised Healthcare system to the world. 
‘’I am so delighted to be here on the 15th anniversary of IEEPO, which ironically is also my 15th day as Roche Pharmaceuticals CEO. While my title might have changed, my commitment to what we are here to do has not - Teresa Graham
Event Welcome

Post-event resources:

Explore the IEEPO Position Paper infographic to delve deeper into the calls to action for Humanising Healthcare!
Utilise the IEEPO Position Paper toolkit and translations to equip yourself to humanise healthcare locally!
Exchange experiences by submitting a best practice poster or resource for the IEEPO LEARN Library or PHC hub!

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