Humanising Healthcare: discussing a new chapter with Severin Schwan and Thomas Schinecker

The focus for day two of the IEEPO 2023, Uniting in Action: Humanising Healthcare in Practice event was a conversation with Severin Schwan, Chairman, Roche Board of Directors and Thomas Schinecker, CEO, Roche Group. The session was introduced and facilitated by Raquel Peck, IEEPO Program Chair, and former CEO World Hepatitis Alliance from the UK and discussed Roche’s commitment to patient engagement and Roche’s vision for the future of IEEPO. It was followed by a live Q&A session where Thomas responded to questions submitted by the audience.


  • Despite the fantastic achievements and progress IEEPO has made over the last 15 years, there is still much more to do to ensure everyone around the world has equitable access to healthcare. 

  • The right infrastructure is important and digital systems are evolving to enable the sharing of  data between healthcare departments to help make systems more efficient. 

  • Putting patients at the heart of healthcare and involving patients in a diverse and inclusive way is the backbone of humanising healthcare.

It is a long journey to universal healthcare, but at Roche it remains our ambition that all patients should have access to diagnostics, medicines and digital solutions, wherever they are in the world. We realise this is ambitious and no one organisation can achieve this alone, but it is an inspirational goal and one day we hope we will realise our ambition and universal healthcare will be a reality for all.” - Severin Schwan

My view is that healthcare is a basic right for every person around the world. It shouldn't depend on whether or not you are born in one country or another or your family has money or doesn’t have money… I think that’s something everyone should have.” - Thomas Schinecker

Severin Schwan and Thomas Schinecker Dicussion
Thomas Schinecker Q&A

Post-event resources:

Explore the IEEPO Position Paper infographic to delve deeper into the calls to action for Humanising Healthcare!
Utilise the IEEPO Position Paper toolkit and translations to equip yourself to humanise healthcare locally!
Exchange experiences by submitting a best practice poster or resource for the IEEPO LEARN Library or PHC hub!

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