IEEPO 2021: THINK Kick-off Event Report

This year’s IEEPO began with a two-day virtual webinar calling for the patient community and stakeholders to ‘unite for change and transform healthcare together’.

IEEPO Welcome 2021 Slide

This year’s IEEPO, themed as ‘Uniting for Change: Transforming Healthcare Together’, was opened by Sanja Njegic, Global Head of Patient Partnership at Roche who welcomed over 570 patient group representatives from over 88 countries to the event. 

Raquel Peck, the IEEPO 2021 programme chair and former CEO of the World Hepatitis Alliance, proceeded to kick off the two-day virtual event series on 22nd and 23rd March with an introduction of the evolution of the IEEPO programme, and introduced this year’s IEEPO theme and why it is so important to the community.  

To find out more about the proceedings of the IEEPO 2021 Kick-off Event, click here to view the virtual agenda.

THINK panel webinar: 

'Tomorrow today: Preparing for our future together'

Keynote speech: Digital health and future approaches to healthcare.

Bogi Eliasen, Director of Health at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

With a background in political science and international law, and experience working with both the public and private sectors, Bogi Eliasen is now a pioneer of what he describes as ‘the great alignment’ between personal health and public health. This thought-leadership session highlighted some of the key emerging trends in shaping the future of this holistic view and some of the opportunities presented by the global pandemic that cannot be missed. 

Read more on Mr. Eliasen's keynote in the IEEPO 2021 Kick-off Event report or visit the event resources page to listen to the full session. 


The sustainable health model slide presented by Bogi
Bogi Eliasen giving keynote speech

THINK panel

With a panel representing patient group leaders from different geographies and specialties, Bastian Hauck, Founder, #dedoc˚ Diabetes Online Community (DE) moderated a discussion around some of the key themes from Mr. Eliasen’s talk and how they were relevant for patient groups and communities today. 

The panel comprised of keynote speaker, Bogi Eliasen and 4 members of the IEEPO 2021 External Advisory Committee (EAC), Mary Baker, former President of the European Brain Council, Nicola Bedlington, Special Advisor at the European Patients’ Forum, Ranjit Kaur (AM panelist), President, Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia, and Durhane Wong-Rieger (PM panelist), President & CEO, Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders.

Read more on the THINK panel discussion in the IEEPO 2021 Kick-off Event report or visit the event resources page to listen to the full discussion. For more information on the IEEPO 2021 EAC please click here.


THINK panel (AM)


THINK panel (PM)

IEEPO: In Conversation with Severin Schwan, Roche CEO

“Patient organisations need to have a seat at the table with all stakeholders" - Severin Schwan

Day two of IEEPO 2021 saw Severin Schwan, Roche CEO, take the stage to deliver an inspiring address to the patient community followed by an in-depth interview with Raquel Peck that spanned thought-provoking issues, from how the notion of patient-centricity has changed to the pressing issues of diversity and inclusion, and the opportunities afforded to the community by advances in digital health.

Throughout the interview and Q&A session, Dr. Schwan built on the discussions around patient data from Bogi Eliasen’s keynote and emphasised the importance of real world patient data, and the possibilities that could be unlocked if data from clinical settings could be digitised and aggregated to garner new insights that could accelerate clinical trials, and ultimately allow treatments and care to be developed faster.

Read more on the video interview with Dr. Schwan in the IEEPO 2021 Kick-off Event report or visit the event resources page to listen to the full discussion. For more information on all other IEEPO 2021 speakers please click here.

Roche CEO Severin Schwan
IEEPO Programme Chair Raquel Peck

Transforming healthcare together: Insights from the IEEPO 2021 regional workshops 

The mission of the IEEPO programme is to foster experience exchange and learning amongst the patient community, bringing together community examples and insights regardless of geography. 

The IEEPO 2021 Kick-off Event saw 40 breakout workshops spanning 5 regions of the globe; participating patient group representatives discussed specific topics that were identified through a pre-event community survey that informed the programme and discussion. 

Key topics discussed include: Patient-led evidence & patient data, Digital health, Health policy and Capability building.

To read more on the key insights from the Regional Workshops take a look at the IEEPO 2021 Kick-off Event report. The full event report can be downloaded below.

IEEPO Regional Workshop
IEEPO Regional Workshop

Feedback from the IEEPO global community

We are continuously engaging with the patient community to provide ongoing feedback so that we can use these insights to inform future IEEPO events and make them as relevant and engaging as possible for the community.

At the time of upload, we have received over 160 responses from the patient community about the IEEPO kick-off events and THINK series. To learn more about the THINK domain and the other domains of engagement please click here.

“What was discussed is very relevant to the work I do. The correct use of data is very important, in addition to being very rich to evaluate real-life data that can impact the development of health improvements. So we have to find a balance and ensure the security of this data.”

- Patient organisation representative from Brazil

“The IEEPO Kick-off THINK event was an engaging and informative session which enabled patient advocates the opportunity to not only hear from Severin Schwan but to discuss relevant aspects of healthcare pertaining to individual countries and the role patient advocates play in improving outcomes.”

- Patient organisation representative from Australia


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of people rated the IEEPO Regional Workshops as ‘good’, ‘very good’ or ‘excellent’.

Your chance to engage with the global IEEPO community!

We would like to extend our thanks to the IEEPO External Advisory Committee and all the speakers who took part in IEEPO 2021 for their valuable insights, and also to the patient community for their active contributions in making IEEPO 2021 a success.

At its heart, IEEPO is a global platform for community experience exchange and we are proud to continue building this with you. Staying true to this mission, we invite you to engage with IEEPO in the following ways:

IEEPO Regional Workshop
IEEPO Regional Workshop

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