THINK domain

The THINK domain is a series of thought-provoking virtual events which highlight and create dialogue around key emerging trends in healthcare, and which stimulate inspirational and practical ideas for patient communities as they prepare for the future.

THINK provides inspirational thought leadership around some of the most pressing healthcare challenges for the community today and in the future. The THINK domain delivers practical and inspirational learnings that the patient community can act on, regardless of geography. 

Last year, the THINK domain delivered the THINK panel during the IEEPO 2021 THINK Kick-off event entitled, ‘Tomorrow today: Preparing for our future together' featuring leading experts in a lively discussion about digital health and future approaches to healthcare. Read more on THINK panel webinar in the IEEPO 2021 Kick-off Event report or visit the LEARN Library to listen to the full videos.

External Advisory Committee - THINK Domain

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