IEEPO 2021: 'Think Global, Act Local' event report

On 8 November 2021 the IEEPO ‘Think Global, Act Local’ virtual event took place, bringing together 274 patient group representatives from 66 countries for international best practice sharing and experience exchange that spanned 43 disease areas.  

At the event, IEEPO proudly launched its first Position Paper entitled: ‘Humanising Healthcare: a call for transformational change’, which calls on the community to unite and lead the transformation for better, fairer and more sustainable healthcare systems around the world.

Following this, local and global health experts took part in two-panel discussions that focused on the humanisation and digitisation of healthcare, as well as the importance of ‘meeting patients where they are’ geographically, culturally, and linguistically.

The IEEPO event concluded with the community favorite regional workshops where participating patient group representatives dived deeper into key topics from the IEEPO Position Paper and exchanged forward-thinking practical approaches on how to leverage the Position Paper to engage in their local policy discussions.

You can read all the key highlights and insights by downloading the full post-event report below!

Post- event resources:

“Change won’t happen overnight but if we unite for change, we will be able to transform our healthcare systems, together”

- IEEPO External Advisory Committee (EAC)

Feedback from the IEEPO global community

We are continuously engaging with the patient community to provide ongoing feedback so that we can use these insights to inform future IEEPO programs and make them as relevant and engaging as possible for the community.

At the time of upload, we have received over 68 responses from the patient community about the IEEPO 2021 'Think Global, Act Local' event. 

"All IEEPO - objectively provided the sharing of very important information from reports of experiences in other countries, presenting data on the difficulties and possibilities for improving eye health in other countries, the material produced in the study and resulted in the document " Humanising Healthcare: a call for transformational change". The topics discussed include several situations to be worked on by the Associations. the topics discussed are great for our Advocacy actions."

- Patient organisation representative from Brazil

"'[The event] provided the opportunity of knowing that policy decisions are focused on patient with a lot of consideration to patient’s views."

- Patient organisation representative from Nigeria

"I like this kind of event, specially when we have time to share experiences and points of view with other organizations. Is great to hear webinars but also to spend some time with others."

- Patient organisation representative from Argentina


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Your chance to engage with the global IEEPO community!

We would like to extend our thanks to the IEEPO External Advisory Committee and all the speakers who took part in IEEPO 2021 for their valuable insights, and also to the patient community for their active contributions in making IEEPO 2021 a success.

At its heart, IEEPO is a global platform for community experience exchange and we are proud to continue building this with you. Staying true to this mission, we invite you to engage with IEEPO in the following ways:

IEEPO Regional Workshop
IEEPO Regional Workshop

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