Covid Lightning Talk

Dr. Charles Alessi, Co-founder and Chief Clinical Officer éditohealth from Spain, England, France focused his lightning talk on COVID and how it has driven healthcare to change and has ‘forced’ us to reflect on our system. He examined three particular movements: digitisation, workforce and personalisation. 

KEY TAKEAWAY: We need to take a step back and have a ‘lifespan longer than a butterfly’ view to see how things are going to be in the future. Whilst it might not seem optimistic now, you will find that things are not that bad. A new type of blended healthcare will help increase patient and healthcare professional touch points. We can't continue with a healthcare system that is purely activity based, we need to think more around population health dimensions which will narrow inequality.

We are looking to a new dawn, time has come to get patients at the heart of everything that we do.” - Dr Charles Alessi
Post-event resources:
Explore Chapter 1 of the IEEPO Position Paper to understand how we can put people at the heart of healthcare!
Utilise the discussion guide found in the IEEPO Position Paper toolkit to support outreach sharing of the Position Paper with your stakeholders!
Visit the IEEPO LEARN Library to find all the post-event resources you need to action change!

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