IEEPO 2022 'Uniting for Change: From Crisis to Crisis - Staying Focused on Humanising Healthcare' event


IEEPO 'Action for Change' event in numbers graphic

It’s time to unite, take action and prepare for the future together!

The International Experience Exchange with Patient Organisations’ (IEEPO) second virtual touch point event of the year was held on Tuesday, 11 October 2022.

The event focused on Humanising Healthcare with a new theme, 'Uniting for Change: From Crisis to Crisis’ by addressing the key challenges impacting our healthcare systems right now: COVID, Climate Crisis and Conflict. We examined how patient organisations can continue efforts to Humanise Healthcare in the face of multiple crises, gain and maintain attention of stakeholders and what we can apply from previous experience. 

Across the one-day event, we saw:

  • Inspiring lightning talks from international experts sharing their own perspective, from their own geographies and experience from across the crisis spectrum. 
  • A lively panel session discussion about the importance of working together to improve healthcare outcomes in this new ‘normal’. Open and honest conversations took place about what more is needed and how we can improve our efforts. 
  • A brand new exchange forum, the Experience Exchange Community Sessions (ECCS), gave the patient community an opportunity to meet and engage with the local patient advocates on a closer level. 
  • The launch of the IEEPO Position Paper infographic, a tool that explores calls to action for various stakeholders in helping us get closer to Humanised Healthcare.

The day echoed with mentions of resilience, sustainability, the importance of multi-stakeholder partnership and access to healthcare as a human right. Want to know more? Click on the session boxes below to watch the IEEPO 2022 ‘Uniting for Change' session recordings and to find out more.

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