IEEPO 2022 'Uniting for Change: From Crisis to Crisis - Staying Focused on Humanising Healthcare' event

The second IEEPO virtual event of 2022 was held on Tuesday 11th October.

Hosted virtually and continuing on the theme of ‘Humanising Healthcare’, the event shifted focus towards addressing the key challenges facing our healthcare systems right now: COVID, Climate Crisis and Conflict. The community examined how patient organisations can continue their efforts to Humanise Healthcare in the face of changing geo-political landscape and what we could apply from previous experiences.

We discussed how to:

  1. Develop resilience moving forward in the face of pandemics, conflict and the climate crisis

  2. Work together to improve health care outcomes in the new normal  

  3. Amplify the IEEPO Position Paper key topics and partner with stakeholders to make humanised healthcare a reality

It’s time to unite, take action and prepare for the future together!

Tuesday 11th October, 8:30 - 11:00/ 16:30 - 19:00 CET - Get inspired!

The event kicked-off with three inspiring lightning talks, focusing on the relevant and timely topics of COVID, Climate and Conflict. Following these talks, an engaging panel session took place, bringing together a range of healthcare stakeholders who shared their key takeaways for the community to help inspire local advocacy efforts! 

It didn't stop there, attendees also had the opportunity to engage directly with event speakers and ask their burning questions in the newly introduced speakers corner. 

As well as this, we saw the newly introduced Experience Exchange Community Sessions (EECS) take place, sessions led by the community for the community. These sessions allowed the patient community to lead their own talks with attendees as they shared learnings from a project where they created a positive change, inspiring attendees to ACTION for change locally!  

Want to learn more? Go to the event overview page to watch the IEEPO 2022 ‘Uniting for Change' session recordings and to find out more.


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