IEEPO Action Workshops

…Towards Humanised Healthcare

Across two days, 242 participants attended 19 inspiring breakout sessions during the IEEPO Action Workshops. Those who participated in the workshops had the opportunity to continue their international experience exchange and learn from each other in smaller groups to explore one of three thought-provoking topics, including how to improve: 

  • Equal access to healthcare for those living in rural or remote areas

  • Digital-health literacy among the younger or older generation

  • Equal access to healthcare for patients with low socio-economic backgrounds. 

The workshops aimed to inspire the IEEPO community to advocate for policy change, utilising the IEEPO Position Paper as a tool to support and strengthen their initiatives and action change locally!

“I’m quite impressed with how tactical and actionable the Action Workshop was, I've learned a lot!” - Action Workshop participant

Look out for the learnings of the workshops embedded throughout the IEEPO 2022 programme, IEEPO is truly patient-led.

Action Workshop Groups
Post-event resources:
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