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IEEPO 2021: Domains Overview

Uniting for Change: Transforming Healthcare Together

In its 13th year, IEEPO continues in 2021 to provide a global platform of engagement for members of the patient community, to co-create and collaborate, and to be strong and impactful partners with an equal voice in the dialogue about shaping future healthcare ecosystems.

Led by the External Advisory Committee (EAC), the global IEEPO programme has evolved from being a once-a-year event to becoming a continuous series of events, tools and resources focused on four domains of engagement: THINK, LEARN, CHANGE and MAKE. The continual program of events will provide a broad forum for experience exchange and help build connections with stakeholders from a unique range of experiences and backgrounds. The future of IEEPO will be built around these four domains, to learn more about each domain click the image of the domain you want to learn about.

THINK Domain

A series of thought-leadership virtual events which highlight and create dialogue around key emerging trends in healthcare, and which stimulate inspirational and practical ideas for patient communities as they prepare for the future.


LEARN: Co-creating a library of open-source, educational and skills-building materials for patient communities, in collaboration with expert partners. The LEARN library will host a variety of practical tools and resources to support patient organisations with capability building.


CHANGE: A debating forum and content series that showcases experts and leaders that have made impactful policy change for their communities, both globally and locally. CHANGE includes perspectives from multiple stakeholders within the healthcare ecosystem, and addresses healthcare transformation to help set strategies and inspire action.


MAKE: A co-created piece of content or an asset with a message that is universally relevant to all patient groups; a product of joint-collaboration with the IEEPO community during 2021, and that can be used by the community to engage and inspire its own constituents.

Kick-off Event Report

This year’s programme kicked off with a two-day event, 22-23 March to bring to the community a combination of thought-leadership through the voices of leading experts, an opportunity to meet and engage with the CEO of Roche. Followed by a series of regional breakouts (23-24 March) that discussed, debated, and reflected on the issues that affect the patient community most in the current environment.

IEEPO 2021: Domain Overview

IEEPO 2021 will be organised around four key domains of engagement: THINK, LEARN, CHANGE and MAKE. Each domain has a unique focus and provides an opportunity for continued dialogue, co-creation and transformative collaboration.

IEEPO 2021: External Advisory Committee

IEEPO is led by an independent programme Chair and has been co-created with an External Advisory Committee (EAC) comprised of leading patient advocates and community leaders representing a range of disease areas.